Thursday, May 28, 2009

We've won a mead competition!

Keith entered our traditional sweet mead into the World Expo of Beer up in Frankenmuth, MI and he won first place! Steller Sweet took first place in category 24C at the Homebrewers at the WEB. We entered through the Cass River Homebrew Club, and I actually drove this batch up to Saginaw myself to be entered! He received his medal and his score sheets in the mail, but we are currently waiting on his gift certificate. He will receive an undetermined amount for more mead making supplies, which is great, we need more mead in the world!

Speaking of more mead, last week I made my first batch of mead. We picked fresh apple mint from our garden and crushed the essence into the mead to make a methoglyn. It will be drier than our traditional sweet mead, this particular batch only used two pounds of honey per gallon whereas the batch we entered into the W.E.B. (World Expo of Beer) was nearly 5 pounds per gallon! I'm anxious to try it once it is finished, which should be around the time we get married next year!

Here is a link to the competition results!

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